Refund Ltd Review – The Red Flags you Should Know

Read our Refund Ltd review carefully to see why we do NOT recommend this agency for chargeback help. Just to clear doubts, this is a review.

Refund Ltd Review

The advent of the internet was undeniably the biggest innovation to have happened within the last century or so. Today, we are living in a digital world that was spawned by the internet and it has changed our entire lives for the better. However, it should also be noted that the freedom and anonymity that the internet offers has also been misused by people, which means it doesn’t come without its risks. The most prominent issue of all is staggering number of cybercriminals who are taking advantage of the internet to carry out their activities. As there is no regulation on the internet, it can become immensely difficult to monitor and eradicate these activities.

At the end of the day, it is the other users who suffer and these bad actors are able to get away with it. There have been different kinds of scams, fraudulent schemes and other criminal activities that have taken place over the years and unsuspecting people have been targeted and exploited. Some of these activities were conducted on a small scale, while others gained a lot of notoriety because of the massive scale on which they were carried out. When they had just started out, people were not aware of how these frauds were conducted and many fell for it before they could realize it.

However, gradually awareness was created and people began to learn how to mitigate these risks and there was also technological progress that helped. The problem is that this technological progress has also benefitted the criminal element and they have gotten better and defrauding and scamming, which means identifying them has become more difficult than ever. Once more, these cybercriminals are able to get away with it because there is no regulation or authority that victims can use for help.

How To Get Your Money Back?

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When people are scammed, some of them might create a fuss about it, but most people know that it is futile to do so because it is not possible to go after these scammers and you have to accept it. This was a fact for a long time and there really wasn’t any action that could be taken to recover the money you lost to these frauds and scammers. The good news is that things have changed with time and now there is one solution that does exist for scam victims. While there may not be any authority they can get in touch with, they can make use of scam recovery services.

If you don’t want to give up, you can reach out to these services that have been primarily established to help people in recovering their money. Anyone who has been a victim would be quite eager to use such a service because it is a ray of hope in an otherwise dark world. However, this doesn’t mean that you don’t do any due diligence and just go with the first service you find. Instead, you should learn a lesson from your experience and be cautious in every step you take online.

No service or company should be trusted or taken at their word and you can only rely on them after you have done your homework. This is due to the fact that some cybercriminals have even set up fake scam recovery services to exploit people and they use their desperation to make off with their money. You don’t want to fall in this trap, which means you have to be thorough in your research. Refund Ltd is one of the services that have been established for the purpose of scam recovery and you can go over their website to see what they are about.

It will leave quite an impression on you because it is basically a law firm, which is automatically reassuring. They claim to have a team of lawyers who are expert in online scams and are offering their services to people who have suffered from different types that exist. Whether you have been a victim of a crypto trading scam, binary options or forex trading scam, tax litigation, lottery scam, debt collection services or even an online dating scam, Refund Ltd claims to help you resolve your issue. They are based in Stockholm, Sweden, but have also spread out their offices to other countries.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t just accept what they are telling you and make sure that they really are who they claim to be. How can you do this? You need to look for any red flags that might exist and if they do, you should run in the opposite direction because you definitely don’t want to fall in the same trap again. The possibility of being able to recover your funds is very lucrative and scammers are aware of it. Hence, they might try to take advantage and you need to be on your guard to make sure it doesn’t happen to you. Unfortunately, you will find plenty of red flags on Refund Ltd’s website, making it obvious that it is not to be trusted.

What are these red flags? You can check out some of the prominent ones below:

  • There are strings attached to the free consultation

One of the first things that will draw you to the Refund Ltd website is the offer of a free consultation. Many people consider this a boon because it is the perfect opportunity to interact with the company, talk to their employees and figure out if you will be comfortable with them or not. Plus, you don’t have to pay for it so if you decide not to go with them, you will not suffer from any losses. The only problem is that the free consultation they claim to offer to you doesn’t come without strings attached.

Sure, they might charge you any money for giving you this free consultation, but there are other requirements that you have to fulfill. When you decide to book your first free consultation with Refund Ltd, they will ask you to fill out a form. The problem with this form is that it requires you to provide a great deal of personal information that you may not be comfortable in sharing. But, you cannot move forward unless you provide them this data and this is a red flag.

You haven’t even decided to use their services as yet and they haven’t decided to take your case and yet they want you to share so much data with them. Why? It doesn’t really make any sense and can be quite frustrating. You are also in for quite a shock when you look for a Privacy Policy on their website and find that no such document is available. This means that you have no idea what other information they will be accumulating and how it will be used.

  • There is no mention of costs

Another major problem that you will encounter with Refund Ltd is with their costs. No, it is not that they are charging a high fee for their service. It is that they have not bothered to mention it at all. How can you ever choose to sign up with any service without knowing how much money you would have to pay? It is just not logical and certainly not in this situation where clients are scam victims and they are looking for a way to recover the money they have lost. They would obviously not be comfortable in throwing away more money, without knowing how much would be needed.

Plus, you also need to make a decision about whether it is a good idea to hire Refund Ltd or not. If your lost amount is less than or not a lot more than their charges, it wouldn’t be feasible for you to bother using them. Again, you cannot make this decision because you will not find any information about the cost. The only thing you can determine from what you will find on the website is that they don’t have a fixed price list and will vary for every client, depending on the case.

Moreover, Refund Ltd will charge an unknown upfront fee and then take a commission. No other details are provided, which means you are expected to make a decision without knowing anything about the cost. No authentic business would ever be this vague about their costs and would be open and transparent about it. The fact that Refund Ltd. is not should tell you that they cannot be trusted.

  • Their website is riddled with errors

Have you done any research into how to spot scams? It is recommended that people study up on scams when they plan on using the internet and if you have done so, then you would probably be aware that poor grammar, spelling and punctuation on a website is considered an indication of a scam. After all, a legitimate business would never create a website that’s anything less than professional. They only use experts and will proofread and check the website repeatedly before it goes live. Even if there is a mistake, it would be a rare occurrence and is usually fixed right away.

But, when you go over the Refund Ltd website, you will be taken aback by the number of mistakes you will find. They have made some efforts to minimize these errors on the homepage, but others like the FAQ section are just riddled with these mistakes. These should immediately send up red flags for you because only scammers would not make the effort of fixing these problems because their goal is to only lure and trap potential victims, so they only bother with the surface. Those who don’t look too closely will end up paying them for scam recovery, only to get nothing in return.

When you go over the content, you will not have any problems in spotting the mistakes because there are all kinds of them. There are spelling errors, grammatical as well punctuation mistakes, which make it obvious that Refund Ltd is not a genuine or reliable company.

  • Their customer support is poor

For an online business, one of the biggest factors that affect their level of success is customer support. Since they don’t have any physical location, customers have to get their problems addressed through this support option and if they are not provided with enough suitable options, it can be highly frustrating. As a matter of fact, a number of people may decide to quit the business altogether if they don’t receive appropriate support. It becomes even more vital when you are dealing with a scam recovery service because you don’t want to be left hanging if you have any concern.

On the surface, you will find that Refund Ltd has added a number of support channels to their platform. Their website provides you with a horde of email addresses that can be used, phone numbers to their various offices and also a chat option on the website. This shows that they are being very thorough, but a quick follow up shows the real story. You can try sending them an email and will not get a response. The numbers that have been provided don’t seem to work because no one answers the phone. As far as the chat option is concerned, it doesn’t have a human operator.

You will only receive automated responses, which are not of any value. This means that you will be left with no way to communicate or contact the Refund Ltd team if you have any questions or you want an update. You have to wait for them to contact and this is obviously a red flag because there should always be two-way communication.

Along with these red flags, you will find that the customer reviews received by Refund Ltd are also fake and copied from another service. The statistics they have shared on their website also don’t add up, regarding their experience and accomplishments. The bottom line is that you should avoid Refund Ltd when you are looking for a scam recovery service.

How To Get Your Money Back?

Get your money back from any scam broker!
Fill in the contact form on the page in this link and you will get the help you need in order to recover your stolen money! You will be guided through the whole refund process by the customer support of a recommended scam recovery service after which a case will be opened for you by a personal case manager.