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Some Well Wishers Aren’t Well Wishers At All

At Forex Chargeback, we consider ourselves solely responsible for what we are doing. We fully understand what we are doing is a sensitive job. From mental, emotional, physical to financial health, we understand all the implications of our services. Hence, we consider this our responsibility to tell you that you don’t have to trust all the fund recovery services on the internet. Some of these well wishers aren’t thinking of you in a great manner. They are hiding under a disguise. In reality, they are not there to provide you their services.

They are there to cause you more pain, or say, add insult to your injury. Let’s talk about some of the signs you can recognize that you are not with the right company to recover your funds.

They Promise to Get Money Back in X Number of Days

We believe in our services and we know we can make things possible for you. However, we will not promise things with you because we understand the dynamics of these cases. Things can go wrong and take u-turns when you least expect them to. At Forex Chargeback, we can guarantee that you we will put 100% effort in making things better for you, but we will never promise that on this particular day, we will get all of your money back from the scammer.

So, when you encounter an online fund recovery service that tells you that you will get your money in a 10 days or 20 days, you can be sure that they are lying to you. Despite the fact that we have the best lawyers on our team, we cannot guarantee you that. Yes, we can tell you for sure that there will be an outcome of the case within a month, but that outcome could be in anyone’s favor. We don’t want to promise that on a particular date, the money will land into your account.

They Have Cookie-cutter Solutions

If you see that there are pre-packages plans that you have to pick one from to sign up with the company, you have to rethink your decision. The biggest issue with any service is when it tries to put everything in the same mold, or say the same cookie-cutter. Every person is unique and so it their situation. You might have lost money to a forex trading scam in the form of service charges and commissions. On the other hand, some other trader might have lost their money to a robot trader. In a similar way, in some cases, the merchant is on the right side. It is the customer that has made a mistake that causes them to lose money.

We have to look deep into every small and major detail before we give you a final verdict on your case. There is no force on you to pay for a particular package before we even start working on your case. That’s not how things work with us. We listen to you, try to gauge the potential in your case, and once we know that potential, we start following up. How much you pay depends on a full evaluation of the case.

They Have Hefty Price Tags

It is understand that any company providing you with fund recovery services has its own expenses as well. For example, when you take a case in the court of law and have an attorney represent you, there is a fee that you have to pay to that attorney as well. The problem here is that you are already fighting a case in which you have lost your money. We also understand that you might not be someone with a lot of money. When you lose your money to an online forex scammer, even your insurance does not cover that expense. In other words, we understand that shelling out more money after you have already been scammed is nearly impossible.

For that reason, we price our services very reasonably. We want to make sure that you sign up with us to get our services, not to fill our accounts with some more money.

They Want You to Keep Things a Secret

That’s a telltale sign that you have signed up with the wrong company. You can’t really be going in the right direction when a company tells you to keep things a secret. Do you remember the scams that were carried out on emails? You received an email in which they told you that you had won a lot of money and that you could not tell anyone else about it. Well, the problem with secrecy is that when you get scammed, you don’t have any evidence to give. Not to mention, if there is someone who can stop you from going in the wrong direction, they won’t be able to do so because you would never tell them.

If you have signed up with the right company to recover your funds, you will not have to keep anything a secret.

They Don’t Have a Team

You don’t want to be talking to a person on the phone if you want someone to represent you and get your money back from online scammers. There has to be a team on the other side that’s prepared for all the challenges thrown in the way of retrieving your money. When you talk to us, you can rest assured that we have the right people to help you with your case. We have attorneys, lawyers, psychologists, and other industry experts to ensure we put maximum pressure on the forex scammer to make it release your money without delay. In most cases, we are very successful with our strategies.

Don’t Wait and Look Around

If you have been scammed by an online forex broker or exchange, you have to take a step as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the weaker you make your case. Let us know what you have been through and we can find a solution to your problem. We will listen to you and make sure that you make the most of our free initial consultation.