About Us

Upholding the Values of Trust, Reliability, Responsibility and Accountability

The Story Behind the Creation of Forex Chargeback

The minds and geniuses behind Forex Chargeback are people who have been through what you are going through. We consist of a team that has been put together by people who lost their money to online scams. There was a time when we were just as clueless about our situation as you might be right now. However, the founders of Forex Chargeback did not lose their composure and put together a team that fought not only for them but also the traders, investors, and other unsuspecting individuals from around the world who lose their money to online scams.

Together with a team of lawyers and influencers of the industry, Forex Chargeback founders were able to not only get their money back but also stop the online forex scammer from doing business at all. Today, the team behind this company is fully committed to bring the same results to all the individuals who have lost their money to online scams. When you contact us, you should know that we have walked in your shoes at some point. This makes us passionate about every single case that we receive of chargeback.

Our Mission

Our mission is to listen to the victims and make them feel that they are being listened to. After listening properly, we want to create a strategy that is bound to work. We wish to discourage the act of scamming people financially online as much as possible with our proactive and forex trader-friendly services.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a system that becomes the go-to solution for anyone around the world who gets scammed. We want to be the voice of the people who feel voiceless after they have been left empty-pocketed by online scammers. Our aim is to create a system that would give every online forex trader the confidence to trade without second thoughts, knowing that they have someone to take care of their interests even if something goes wrong.

Our Values

·         Integrity

We want to provide you with the most honest forex chargeback services out there. We have vowed to get to any length to bring you the results that may seem impossible to you right now. Despair and hopelessness are common among individuals who become a prey to online scammers. We want to be their ray of light at the end of the tunnel with our honest and transparent services.

·         Transparency

While we are always striving to keep you in the loop and provide you with an honest feedback of the situation, we still want to achieve maximum transparency. We want to make our process transparent as clean glass so you can see through it. With our system, you will always know what is happening and how much chance there is for us to win your money back from the online scammer.

·         Passion

Passion is the most important part of any mission. However, we believe that passion cannot be faked or fabricated. A company that has been created to make profits from your situation can never feel passionate about getting your money back from the scammers. We are passionate about our job because we have been in your position in the past. Our team consists of people who have first handedly experienced and witnessed the damages done by online scammers. When we fight for you, for us, it is like we are fighting for ourselves.

·         Objective-oriented

We have a defined objective associated with the type of work we are doing. We have to get you the results. Now, these results might not always be in the favor of online traders and investors. However, our job is to get to the result as soon as we can. We cannot keep you hanging in the middle. It’s not a great feeling when you don’t know what will happen to your case. During the initial consultation, we make sure we know the potential of your case. If we see potential, we pursue the case. However, if we see that there is no potential in the case, we will let you know without delay.

Why Pick Forex Chargeback

·         We Know What We Are Doing

We know why we are here. We are not going to let you lose your money to another online forex broker or exchange scam. These scammers have had the best time of their lives and we are going to make it the start of their downfall.

·         We Have the Team

Talk about lawyers, industry experts, psychological experts, etc. we have them all on our team. We have them on the team because we want to pressure the online scammers from every side and in every possible manner to break down and return your money. From being intimidating on the phone to legally seizing the scammer, we make sure we get to them in every way and get your money back instantly.

·         We Provide You with Results

We are not here to keep you on the edge of your seat for months over months. The first free consultation we do with you is all about deciding whether your case has any potential or not. Once we pick the case, we make sure to reach results as soon as possible.

·         We Have the Experience

The most important thing in this industry is experience, and we have learned that with experience. These online scammers are not kids. They know what they are doing. In many cases, they already have a wall of laws and legal clauses around them to protect them from returning your money. However, we have the knowledge and experience to break through those walls and get right to the perpetrator.

The Journey to Get Your Money Back Starts Today

The only thing we expect from you and any other forex traders around the world is to get in touch with us as soon as possible. Waiting and delaying your forex chargeback is not going to work in your favor at all. Instead, it will make your case weaker. So, before others forget about it, let’s work together today to get your forex chargeback back into your account as soon as possible.