The Exchange Bank Review – Evaluating the Services of the Broker

The Exchange Bank Review

The Exchange Bank logoThere are a staggering number of brokers providing their services in the financial markets. If you check out their websites, you will find all of them claiming to be the best option and offering the most professional services. Taking them at their word would mean signing up with every single option. Obviously, this is not how it is done. No company will tell you about their shortcomings or drawbacks and you need to evaluate their services in order to get to the truth. This The Exchange Bank review is meant to serve this purpose.

One of the forex and CFD (Contract for Difference) brokers in the market, The Exchange Bank was introduced by a company registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines known as Lencher ExPro LLC. It has climbed up the ranks faster than other options and this is because of its services and features. Nonetheless, you need to do your own evaluation in order to make the right choice. You can go over this review for doing so:

The Exchange Bank website

The Exchange Bank’s variety of assets

When you have to evaluate a broker, you should start with the variety of assets it can offer to you. It is these assets that will help you in achieving your financial goals, so you want to ensure the options are profitable. Plus, if you have something specific you want to trade, you should check and see if it is available or not. The asset range provided by The Exchange Bank is undoubtedly impressive because they give their clients access to the most renowned financial markets in the world.

Forex, stocks, commodities, cryptocurrency and indices are some of the top options you can explore. This allows you to diversify your portfolio to make maximum profits from your trading, while keeping your risks under control.

The Exchange Bank’s security and privacy policies

Evaluating the security and privacy policies of a broker is vital because you don’t want to be left vulnerable to cyberattacks. The thoroughness of The Exchange Bank in this regard is worth noting because their goal is to provide their clients with complete peace of mind. Their Privacy Policy dictates that none of your personal information is shared with any third-party without your consent. They use advanced SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology and encryption for securing all confidential and sensitive data.

In addition, they also use customer segregated accounts for keeping their clients’ funds separate from the company’s. They are deposited with leading banks for preventing theft and misappropriation. Most importantly, you should know that The Exchange Bank is compliant with KYC (Know-Your-Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) rules, which means all trader accounts are verified before giving them access to the broker’s services. This reduces the risk of financial fraud, money laundering and identity theft.

The Exchange Bank security

The Exchange Bank’s trading solution

You cannot ignore the trading solution at your disposal when you choose The Exchange Bank because it will be the feature you engage with the most. This software is used for making your trades in the market, so it has to be up to the mark to get the job done. So, what platform do you get here? A search will reveal that you have the MT4 i.e. the MetaTrader4 trading platform provided to you here, which is the most popular trading solution that exists today.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and advanced trading tools, the MT4 is the favorite of every professional trader. The simple interface makes it suitable for traders of all levels. You will find that The Exchange Bank allows you to choose from the desktop client, the WebTrader and the mobile trading apps, depending on what you are comfortable with. This ensures flexibility for every trader and enables them to have a comfortable and seamless trading experience from everywhere.

The Verdict

Put in 24/5 customer support, a quick registration process, convenient payment options and competitive trading conditions and The Exchange Bank can be a reliable and professional brokerage for every trader.

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