Green Capitalz Review – Is Green Capitalz Scam or Legit?

Green Capitalz Review

Green Capitalz logoToday I am going to introduce you to Green Capitalz, which has earned a great reputation over the last few months. This Green Capitalz review aims to provide you conclusive information about this emerging broker.

Because of the required attention and hard work, online trading was not considered easy work. But when the trading platforms evolved with the passage of time, people began to think of it as an easy way to earn money. Customized trading platform, one on one account managers, and plenty of account types provided by Green Capitalz help traders to enjoy lucrative trading. Now I will discuss some of its mesmerizing features to enhance your knowledge about this broker.

Green Capitalz website

Trading Platform

The trading platform provided by Green Capitalz is web-based, so the condition of using the same device for log-in is removed. It can be operated from any type of device which is connected to the internet without the need of downloading any software. Traders feel satisfaction and ease of mind due to the spontaneity of the interface. The graphical interface is made attractive so that the traders don’t feel dull. The platform executes trades without any delays because it never lags. Traders can use this platform without restrictions whenever they want.

Aiding Tools

Tools are a key element required for profitable trading because they can predict market sentiment in advance. Green Capitalz is very advanced in this regard as it is providing modern tools, which include graphs and charts as well. These tools combine to make a trading environment that suits the needs and requirements of experts as well as beginners. To provide aid and assistance, Green Capitalz has created an education center as well where traders are provided all the basic knowledge about trading assets.

Trading Assets

When a trader puts all his money in one asset, it means that he will either earn a big profit or lose a big part of his investment. All the experienced traders invest their money in various assets to lower the chances of a loss. Keeping this in mind, Green Capitalz allows trading traditional assets as well as new entrants such as cryptocurrencies and CFDs. In addition, the firm provides managers who keep guiding the traders where to invest according to market sentiment.

Green Capitalz trading tools

Account Types

When it comes to the provision of account types, Green Capitalz has taken a clear lead over its counterparts because it is providing six different account types. These six accounts are named Standard, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and VIP accounts. The first two accounts are designed to support beginners who hold less amount of capital. They are provided many features such as a 30% welcome bonus, weekly market review, and trading alerts.

Silver and Gold accounts are created for those traders who have already got some experience and a bigger capital. They are given up to a 50% welcome bonus, daily market reviews, trading signals, and account managers. Platinum and VIP accounts are specially designed to facilitate experienced, expert, and elite traders. They are offered a 70% welcome bonus, higher payouts, tight spreads, and trading sessions with expert analysts. In addition to these features, no withdrawal fee is charged from VIP account holders.

Customer Support Service

All the good brokers establish a communicative relationship with their traders in order to give them confidence and satisfaction. Being an extraordinary brokerage platform, Green Capitalz also does the same. For that purpose, it has built a team for customer support which consists of expert traders who know exactly how to resolve critical issues. This customer support team can be contacted by using the phone number and email address that are already provided on its website.

Final Verdict

Green Capitalz is a rapidly dominating broker that has received popularity among both types of customers, beginners as well as experienced traders. Its most attractive features are its trading tools, security measures, education center, and variation in account types. I have tried my best to inform you about all details, and now I leave it to you to make a decision.

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