Easy Crypto4U Review – An Established and Trusted Online Trading Platform

Easy Crypto4U Review

Easy Crypto4U logoAre you seeing a lot of ads about online trading on your mobile and desktop devices? Have you ever thought what the reason could be? It’s not as though you went to the advertisers and told them to specifically place trading ads on your screen. The truth of the matter is, trading has become quite a popular way for people to make money.

On top of that, its popularity is not limited to a particular region. It does not matter where you are in the world, you will find some fellow traders. Today’s Easy Crypto4U review is about a platform that gives millions of such users the opportunity to trade every day.

If you ask me how many online platforms there are, I won’t be able to tell you because there are so many. However, if you changed the question to how many good platforms there are, I can definitely count them for you. The least I can do for you is to tell you about Easy Crypto4U, which I think is a company that I can recommend to any trader in any part of the world without any fear.

I know its features are great, it has established a trust among its traders, and is constantly improving to get better with time.

Easy Crypto4U website

Let me tell you all about its features so you will know what I am talking about.

Five Accounts with Great Features

You can choose from five account types, and each account type can be activated only when you make the minimum deposit required for it. To some, it would sound as though the initial deposit requirements on this broker’s website are a bit tougher than they are on other websites.

I agree, but I have to tell you that I agree with the philosophy of the company as well. It wants you to sign up with it only when you are fully serious with starting a trading career. Starting out with just $100 sounds great, but often attracts people who are only experimenting and lose interest in trading within a few days of trading.

The five accounts from the company start from the silver account and end at the VIP account. The VIP account is for traders who have been trading for many years and understand the ins and outs of trading. The silver account, on the other hand, is dedicated to people who are just starting out.

There are different in the features, but I have to say that even the basic trader can enjoy some great trading by signing up with the silver account. For example, you have leverages of 1:20 even with the basic account. This means for every dollar you invest your trading platform will bring in $20.

Account Executives, Managed Trading, and Training

Get all the support you need at the start of your trading career when you sign up with Easy Crypto4U. I have seen other companies, and they all try to facilitate their traders in one way or another. However, there are only a few that go out of their way to offer something you can’t get from others.

I think Easy Crypto4U falls in the latter category. Its support comes to you in many forms. Firstly, other than the silver account, if you sign up with any account, you will have the account executive feature to help you with your trading direction and portfolio.

Furthermore, you have the managed trading feature as well. This feature allows you to use the professionals from the company for trading on your behalf. That’s why they call it managed trading, which means the company will manage your trades for you rather than you doing it on your own.

Last but not least, you have the training feature as well, which you will admire as soon as you start your trading account. You can get training from the best experts in personal settings, so you can absorb as much knowledge as possible and incorporate in your trades from day one.

Easy Crypto4U top features

Bonuses and Cashbacks

Bonuses and cashbacks are the things you usually hear about when you sign up with other types of ecommerce platforms. They provide you with these bonuses to attract you towards their products and services. I am amazed at the fact that only a handful of online trading platforms use this tactic to reach out to their traders and help them start a trading career.

I am glad that Easy Crypto4U has gone out of the ordinary circle to offer you something of that sort. It offers you not only welcome credit but monthly cashbacks as well.

For the bonuses, you will get a bonus when you sign up with the company and transfer the first amount in your trading account. The bonus credit you get will be a percentage of that amount, starting from 20% and topping up at 120%.

Monthly cashbacks are not available for basic traders who sign up with the silver account. I do recommend you call the company to get the details and understand the breakdown. Such cashbacks are usually offered to you on your trades. The more actively you trade, the more cashbacks you will earn.

24/6 Customer Service

Get all the help you need from the company when you want. The customer support department is available to all the traders for the same amount of time during the week regardless of their account type. The 24/6 availability ensures that you can even call the company at night and you will still get a response. Furthermore, you should know that you can get in touch with the company in more ways than just one. If you are not in a hurry, I recommend you use the online form. You can call the company if you are in a hurry or send an email to get a response in 24 hours.

Final Thoughts

The companies that are here to stay really have some unique features. They know how to design a trading system in which all traders can feel happy. I am glad I got the opportunity to tell you about Easy Crypto4U. Now, you can explore its website to know more about the company and sign up if you think it will be a great fit for you.

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