Cryptopoint72 Review – Should you Sign Up?

Cryptopoint72 Review

Cryptopoint72 logoWith the number of scam operators increasing in the market, it doesn’t come off as a surprise that people are extremely hesitant when signing up with any broker. Obviously, you cannot trade in the financial markets without them, but trying to decide if the one you are considering is reliable and suitable can be extremely difficult.

Everyone is well-aware that anyone can make a website nowadays and make tall claims about their services and features, but this doesn’t mean that they are all true. Most of the time, these are just tactics to attract users to their platform and can be very disappointing.

When you come across the name of Cryptopoint72, their rise to popularity will certainly stand out and a look at their offerings will also make you consider them. But, it can be difficult to come to a decision, considering the stories you have read about. So, should you sign up? You can find the answer with the help of the following Cryptopoint72 review:

Cryptopoint72 website

Cryptopoint72’ security infrastructure

If there had to be one reason for you to sign up with a broker, it would be their security infrastructure. In this age of the internet, doing anything online comes with a ton of risks and any platform that can minimize it in any way is surely worth opting for.

Therefore, you need to know how Cryptopoint72 has fared in this area and what you see will definitely please you. They have addressed this matter quite seriously and their infrastructure prioritizes the security of your deposits and your confidential information as well.

For keeping your deposits safe, segregated accounts are maintained by Cryptopoint72, which means their own funds remain in separate accounts. They are kept with leading financial institutions for preventing theft. The company is also compliant with KYC (Know-Your-Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) rules that require verification of identity and residence before allowing anyone to trade. Since this information is highly sensitive and confidential, they also use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption for keeping it safe.

Along with these, there is also a Privacy Policy in effect at Cryptopoint72 that dictates what data is accumulated and how. They also indicate that it cannot be licensed, rented or shared with any third-party without consent.

Cryptopoint72’ asset list

Another solid reason to consider a brokerage is the list of assets they are offering for trading. The returns you will make at the end of the day depend fully on these assets, so this is one area where you don’t want to make compromises. If the right assets are not available, you will not be able to earn the profits you want. Hence, when you are wondering whether to sign up or not, it is best to take a look at the list of assets. If there is something specific you want to trade, make sure it is on that list. Even if you don’t have any particular asset in mind, you should ensure the options are good enough.

In this area, you will have no problems with Cryptopoint72 because they have added assets from some of the best financial markets in the world and are known for generating high levels of profits. The variety of assets available can help you ensuring portfolio diversification, which is considered one of the most effective strategies for reducing your risks and maximizing your profits. You can trade in the forex currency market, known as the world’s largest market and the cryptocurrency market, which is currently very popular. Other options include stocks, commodities and indices.

Cryptopoint72 trading assets

Cryptopoint72’ registration and account types

Would you want to spend your time filling out numerous forms, signing contracts or waiting for registration approval? Some brokers have such time consuming and stressful registration procedures, but Cryptopoint72 ensures that you don’t have to deal with anything like this on their platform. This makes it another reason for you to consider signing up with them. They have a quick and simple registration procedure, comprising of just a single form.

You have to fill out basic details, agree to the Terms & Conditions at Cryptopoint72 and confirm that you are 18. As soon as you are registration, you can check out the account types that are available on the platform. There are seven types in total and they have been created to facilitate every type of trader on the platform. Regardless of whether you are a newbie with no experience, or a skilled trader with more than a few years of trading experience, there is an account option for you.

The options to explore include Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Pro and VIP Leverage. You can sign up for any account after you have met the minimum deposit requirements, with the exception of the last. This account option has been added by Cryptopoint72 for professional traders and can only be opened upon invitation. Traders have to meet a certain criteria to be eligible for it and you can speak to your account manager to provide you with the details.

As far as minimum deposit requirements are concerned, these are different for each account and start with as low as $250. Of course, they increase as you upgrade accounts, moving to $3,500, $10,000, $25,000, $50,000, $100,000 and $250,000, respectively. Likewise, every account at Cryptopoint72 also has some features that can help it stand out from the others, while some of them are common across all accounts. The purpose is to simplify the trading process for traders and help them trade according to their style.

Some of the features that Cryptopoint72 offers include leveraged trading, a personal account manager, trading signals, financial experts and analysts, bonus, education programs, order execution notifications, insured and risk-free trades, pre-ordered exclusive contracts, a financial and investment plan, chart pattern updates, company financing, market events and participation in mutual funds investment program. There are different investment plans that can also be found, such as Family Plan, Training for Beginners, Secondary Income Plan, VIP Plan, Dream Plan and Retirement Plan.

What is the Verdict?

After going through this review, it is apparent that you should sign up with Cryptopoint72 for a profitable trading career.

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