Crypto Lloyds Review – Top Reasons to Sign up with the Broker

Crypto Lloyds Review

Crypto Lloyds logoWith the number of brokerages increasing tenfold, suffice it to say, the financial markets are overflowing with them. Sure, the variety has its advantages, as you can find an option that offers you the best of everything, but there are downsides as well. Having to go through all the choices can be exhausting and time consuming. Therefore, Crypto Lloyds review can be helpful because it saves you from having to spend hours scouring through the broker’s website to find out everything about them and then checking out other sources as well.

Yes, some people decide to just skip this step and sign up directly. But, nine times out of ten, they end up regretting their decision because the broker they have chosen is not the right one for them. An important thing to remember is that the financial markets are like any other industry; there are a number of companies operating and all of them do not offer the same quality and level of services. Their features and offerings vary, as do their professionalism and experience. Hence, choosing one blindly is not likely to turn out in your favor because this would just be a gamble. If you make the wrong choice, it can have disastrous consequences.

Crypto Lloyds website

You might suffer from financial losses, not to mention that you will have to start looking for a broker from scratch. This can be extremely frustrating and you also miss out on a number of trading opportunities that might pop up. So, why do people do this? It is because the sheer number of companies offering you their services can be downright overwhelming. Broker after broker will be promising you all kinds of services and features and this is enough to confuse anyone, even someone who has experience in the financial markets.

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The key is to remember that you cannot just take anyone’s word for anything. These days, it is not that difficult to create a website and add content to it, which means that even unprofessional, or inexperienced companies can have truly impressive websites. You have to do your research and look closely at a broker before you choose them for your trading journey. The best thing is to look for reasons you should consider them over the other options in the market. This will help you in deciding if you are making the right choice because you will be able to compare their offerings with your priorities.

For instance, some people are more conscious about security, while others prioritize the trading instruments they are provided. Checking the reasons for using a broker will help you in figuring out whether they offer you what you need and if you will be comfortable in using their services in the long run. Changing brokers in the future is no easy task, so it is best to put in some time and effort in the beginning to avoid any hassle. Amongst the plethora of options in the market, you will find Crypto Lloyds offering its services.

Like others, this forex and CFD brokerage also promises a comprehensive trading experience, but you need to understand the reasons for choosing it over the rest. It is a relatively newer option, as it was founded just last year by Grey Matter Enterprise Ltd., a company that’s based in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. But, it appears that Crypto Lloyds has made up for its lack of experience with excellent services. You can check out the review below to find out why signing up with Crypto Lloyds can be a good decision for you:

Broker Crypto Lloyds
Website https://www.Crypto
Trading Accounts Five account options; Explorer, Basic, Silver, Gold and Platinum
Minimum Deposit $3,000
Assets Coverage Forex currency pairs, Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, Indices and Commodities
Trading Tools Trading Indicators, Trading Calendar, Calculator, Signals, Live Charts, Technical Analysis Tools and Reports, Price Alerts, Market Research, Trading Tips, Bitcoin Graph and Risk Management Tools
Education and Training Yes; e-books, online video courses, webinars, seminars, tutorials, latest market news, guides and in-depth research
Customer Support 24/5 support via email address, phone number and online contact form. An FAQ section is also available.
Security Policy KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering)
  • Reason 1: Excellent Security Infrastructure

One of the biggest concerns of traders these days is the security they will be provided during online trading. There is no doubt that the financial markets are filled to the brim with lucrative opportunities, but it should be noted that trading online comes with risks other than those associated with trading itself. The internet is unregulated and cybersecurity incidents are quite widespread. Signing up with a brokerage can often leave you exposed and vulnerable because you are trusting a company with your personal and sensitive data, and depositing your hard-earned money with them.

If either or both are compromised, the consequences are terrible for the trader and this is something everyone wants to avoid. Of course, everyone takes their own precautions, but when you are trusting someone else, you have to ensure that they also take appropriate measures. In this case, it is the broker that has to provide you the right security infrastructure and Crypto Lloyds definitely doesn’t disappoint its clients in this regard. They have implemented a number of security measures that are meant to reassure their clients and reduce their stress and worry about the safety of their funds and their information.

First and foremost, they have used advanced SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology and digital encryption for keeping all information of their clients safe. This ensures that no outsiders can gain access to any sensitive data that Crypto Lloyds accumulates while providing their services. They also advice their clients to use strong passwords for protecting their trading accounts and not share them with anyone. They also ensure the safety of funds by maintaining segregated accounts for their clients with leading financial institutions. The funds you deposit are only used for trading purposes and do not belong to the company.

Crypto Lloyds security

As for digital funds, only 10% of them are kept online by Crypto Lloyds and the rest is kept in cold wallets. In addition, all the funds are insured, so in case of any theft or misappropriation, you will be compensated. Apart from this, you will find that the brokerage also complies with the AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know-Your-Customer) policies. These require traders to provide proof of identity and proof of residence for verifying their accounts. The former can be done by submitting a national identity card, international passport, or driver’s license.

For the latter, you will need a utility bill, such as gas, water or electricity, a bank statement, or a credit card bill. Plus, you also need to use an account in your own name at Crypto Lloyds for making your payments, as third party accounts are not supported in accordance with AML policies. These can be extremely useful in reducing the risk of identity theft, financial fraud, terrorist financing and money laundering.

  • Reason 2: Variety of Instruments

The entire purpose of people wanting to trade in the financial markets is to make money. The returns you earn depend on the instruments you trade in these markets and there are hundreds of thousands of them that exist. Every market has its own share of instruments and their profitability varies, as it depends on a number of factors. You need to consider your risk tolerance and your profit expectations in order to choose the instruments you want to trade. But, it is also important to note that not all brokers offer the same products to you, so you need to check out their asset index before signing up.

There is a possibility that your preferred instruments may not be available and this can be annoying because you will have to change brokers. It is best to take a look beforehand, so you can make the right choice in the first go. You will find a variety of instruments at your disposal when you check out Crypto Lloyds and they provide their clients access to some of the world’s most prominent financial markets. This means that every trader can find something to trade on their platform, no matter what their preference may be.

Moreover, the variety of instruments is also beneficial because it gives traders room to diversify their portfolio. You will be able to spread out your investment across different markets, which can be quite useful in minimizing your trading risks and maximizing your profits. Some of the instruments you will find available here include:

Forex: The foreign currency market is recognized as the largest financial market in the world. Its high volatility has helped many people make their fortunes and you can trade major, minor and exotic currency pairs here. You will find some of the top options provided by Crypto Lloyds from the forex market, including EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF, USD/JPY, EUR/GBP, AUD/NZD and USD/CAD, amongst others.

Stock: Another financial market that’s well-recognized all over the world is the stock market. You can buy and sell shares of some of the biggest and most well-known companies in the world. Apple, Alibaba, Microsoft, Netflix, PayPal, Fiat, Amazon and Siemens are just some of the options to explore here.

Indices: This is another lucrative market that Crypto Lloyds has added to its offerings in order to enable its clients to make the most profits from the financial markets. You will be able to trade some of the world’s leading indices, such as FTSE 100, S&P 500, NASDAQ 100 and more.

Commodities: If you are a trader looking for low risk trading instruments, the commodities market is a great option to check out. There is an extensive array of options to choose from and they can be good for balancing your overall portfolio. You can go with hard commodities that include precious metals like gold, silver, copper and platinum, or soft commodities that include agricultural products like wheat, coffee, rice and sugar. Energy commodities like natural gas and crude oil can also be found.

Cryptocurrencies: One of the most popular markets these days is the cryptocurrency market. The digital currencies may be very volatile, but this means higher profitability, so their demand has gone up. You will find that Crypto Lloyds has added some of the top cryptocurrencies to their offerings, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and Monero.

  • Reason 3: Easy Registration Process

It is understood that in order to use a broker’s services, you will be required to go through a registration process. This is true of any online service you use nowadays, so it is no different here. Nonetheless, the procedure can and does vary, because there is no standard format to be followed here. Every company comes up with their own requirements and you should learn about them in order to be prepared. Some do have complicated and time consuming steps, but you will be required to complete them if you want to use their services.

This is where you will find Crypto Lloyds to be different than the others because their registration process is very straightforward and does not involve any prerequisites. It will barely take you five minutes because the brokerage only asks you to complete one form on their website to get it done. You have to click on the ‘Sign Up’ option and the form will be provided to you. This is when you enter your first name, last name, email address, phone number, home address, and a promo code if you have one and a password. You also have to choose an account currency, as there are plenty of them supported, including fiat and digital currencies.

The final step is to agree to the Terms & Conditions that you can find on the Crypto Lloyds website. You can go through these in order to ensure you understand what you are getting into. As soon as you do so, you will be registered on the platform and can go to the next step.

  • Reason 4: Accommodating Account Options

When you are done with registration on the platform, the next step is usually to open an account with the broker. This account keeps track of your personal information, the funds you deposit, your withdrawal requests and your trading history as a whole. As every trader is different in terms of their trading style, risk appetite and capital, different account options are added by brokerages to accommodate them. This has become a standard practice in the market, so you will find account options available on almost every platform.

However, you should note that the options available are unique to a broker and no two of them will offer you the same. Their features and services will be different and this is what you need to take into account when making your choice. After all, you want to be able to use an account you are comfortable with and can have access to everything you need. You will not have any complaints about Crypto Lloyds in this area because they have added five account choices to their offerings, each of which are targeting traders of different types.

Let’s check out the options:

Explorer: The first account that Crypto Lloyds has developed is for newbie traders with no experience in the financial markets and is called Explorer. The account has a minimum deposit requirement of $3,000 and a maximum deposit of $5,000 can be made. Account users are offered cross-platform trading, a professional chart and 24/7 customer support for their ease.

Basic: The second account option that can be found at Crypto Lloyds is called Basic and it is for beginner traders who do have some experience. Therefore, the minimum and maximum deposits for this account are adjusted to $10,000 and $25,000, respectively. An introductory session is also added with a private analyst and traders can take advantage of financial research and weekly market reviews.

Silver: The third account you will find at Crypto Lloyds is referred to as Silver and this one is for intermediate traders. A $50,000 deposit is needed for this account and a personal account manager is assigned to the users. They can also get monthly sessions with an analyst.

Gold: The next account option is designed for advanced and skilled traders by Crypto Lloyds due to which it has a minimum deposit requirement of $100,000. As for maximum deposit, traders can increase it to as much as $250,000. The account features include a smart money management plan and weekly, instead of monthly, private sessions with the analyst.

Platinum: The final account option that you will find at Crypto Lloyds is known as Platinum. The minimum deposit requirement of this account is $250,000 and it provides users with a direct line to their account analyst. It is a good fit for professional and VIP traders because it also comes with a long term financial plan that’s desired by a senior account analyst. In addition, traders also have the option of making 5 protected trades from their account.

  • Reason 5: Numerous Payment Solutions

Now that you have decided which account you want to open, you will be required to meet the minimum deposit requirements to do so. To do this, you need to check the payment solutions that Crypto Lloyds has added for their clients. The options provided to you on every platform are different, so you should know which ones are available for making deposits and withdrawals. Not every method is easy to use and the security and fees associated with each can also vary. Thus, it is best for you to check the options and see if a suitable one is available.

You will not have a problem with the choices provided by Crypto Lloyds because they have added both traditional and modern payment solutions to their offerings. You can choose to use bank wire transfer for making your payments, which may take a bit longer, but are more secure than any other option. If you want to make your deposits and withdrawals quickly, there are debit and credit cards supported by the broker, including Visa and MasterCard. They have also added online payment options to those who prefer this method.

The deposits are free of cost, but withdrawal charges will depend on the method you decide to use. An important fact to remember is that you need to use accounts and cards in your own name, but as per AML policy rules, you cannot use third-party accounts for your payments. Also, your account at Crypto Lloyds needs to be verified for you to be able to make your payments easily.

  • Reason 6: Top-Notch Customer Support

If there is one reason for you to consider a specific brokerage, it should be their customer support. When you encounter a problem, you want to be able to resolve it as quickly as possible, so you can continue trading. Even a slight delay can cause people to miss numerous opportunities and that’s not what you want. The problem is that most brokers will promise good customer support, but rarely live up to their promises. Luckily, this doesn’t apply to Crypto Lloyds because they have proven to be very thorough in this area.

You will come across an FAQ section on their website, where Crypto Lloyds has provided answers to common questions that people may have. They have covered different areas of their service, so you will be able to find the answers you seek easily. In case you have a unique problem and cannot find a solution, you can reach out to their customer support team.

These are professional and knowledgeable individuals who are available 24/7 and are available through different channels. You can choose the one you are comfortable with, such as email address, or phone. They will respond to you promptly, allowing you to resume your activities quickly.

Final Verdict

You will also find extensive educational resources available at Crypto Lloyds for polishing your knowledge, low commissions, a powerful and easy-to-use trading platform, some of the most advanced trading tools and solid trading conditions that can help you make the most of your trading.

How To Get Your Money Back?

Get your money back from any scam broker!
Fill in the contact form on the page in this link and you will get the help you need in order to recover your stolen money! You will be guided through the whole refund process by the customer support of a recommended scam recovery service after which a case will be opened for you by a personal case manager.